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Alan Grimandi, is an award-winning filmmaker, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur, and an advocate for the arts. COO and co-founder of Arttour International Magazine and recipient of the “Best First Time Director” by New York Film Awards for his film “Kintsugi-The Line Of Destiny,” which also received the “Top Documentary Award” with the Top Shorts Film Festival.

Grimandi is the co-creator and director of the show “ArtTour International,” which airs every Thursday at 5:30 pm in NYC through MNN-HD Spectrum 1993. The show has received the “Public Media Awards of Excellence” for two years in a row in 2018 and 2019.

Grimandi introduced himself to the art world at an early age and stumbled upon an artistic career that has brought him significant accomplishments.  Originally from Ferrara, Italy, is also the co-founder of the Vivid Arts Network.

Alan Grimandi has served the art industry for over fifteen years, using his filmmaking experience to help creative entrepreneurs and corporate brands. From short promo ads, elaborate video productions to compelling film and documentaries, Grimandi’s award-winning video production team has helped convert many dreams into cinematographic realities.

Grimandi travels with his team to produce the “Art 2 Heart” Interviews with artists and personalities, offering a global platform for artists, galleries, and creative individuals.

On his first project as a filmmaker, Grimandi’s experience and creativity came together to produce a great short film that has gained him acclaim by critics in the industry.

Grimandi’s short film, “Kintsugi – The Line Of Destiny” is a stunning documentary that takes viewers to the most remarkable earth places to bring environmental conservation awareness. Filmed in Morocco and Italy, with no shortage of incredible views, the film features the touching lifestyle of the Berber people who live in the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains, who turn to natural resources as their only source of livelihood.

UNIQUE: Grimandi’s unique story telling approach and passion to bring awareness for environmental and humanitarian causes has earned him multiple awards and is creating a name within the film industry.   Besides being a film maker, Alan Grimandi is also the Director of the ArtTour International  TV Show and COO of ArtTour International, a revolutionary multimedia platform that helps thousands of artists worldwide promote their art and amplify their message to a worldwide audience.

For more information about Alan Grimandi or filmmaking, inquiries contact alan.grimandi@arttourinternational.com or visit the Arttour International Video Production page www.arttourinternational.com/video-production.







Each video production is unique. Our award-winning director Alan Grimandi and his team have produced films, documentaries, and hundreds of videos for the art community.

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