Kintsugi - The Line Of Destiny

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Kintsugi – The Line Of Destiny

A film directed by Alan Grimandi and Viviana Puello.

Is it too late to change the future of our planet?

“Kintsugi – The Line Of Destiny” is a stunning documentary that takes viewers to the most remarkable places on earth. Filmed in Morocco and Italy, with no shortage of incredible views, the film features the touching lifestyle of the Berber people who live in the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains, who turn to natural resources as their only source of livelihood.

Narrated by Viviana Puello, with a profound and inspiring message, the viewer will be blown away by stunning images and breathtaking scenery. Offering alarming but also forward-looking information, the movie is a reminder that any positive change begins in the most intimate place: our heart.

kintsugi the line of destiny
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